Monday, May 29, 2006

What if God was one of us?

I have always pondered about this question and somewhere down the line I have started to believe that there seem to be no concrete answers available at hand or just that I would prefer to tread the middle line and take neither side. I am amongst those many people who visit temples or pray occasionally because that is what I have been taught or just that I don’t seem to have the will to defy the beliefs imparted to me no matter how second handed they maybe or maybe because it is simpler than arguing with my parents. I am really not sure which one of all these reasons it is but as a friend of mine puts it I just go ahead as per my ‘convenience’.

Talking about God I think the concept came into being when man could not explain a whole many forces of nature and all this unexplained was attributed to some superior force and despite the fact that we have revolutionized the world now yet the myth that man plays puppet at the hands of this superior force is something millions of us live by even today. Maybe that is why Orwell said that “Myths which are believed in tend to come true” It is this so called “truth” that reverberates in the teachings of religious leaders who seem to rant about the existence of God and his message. This “truth” maybe gives us the confidence to live the life we do. A belief that someone from up above has his hands upon our heads. Someone whose powers we can seek refuge in during all those tough times. But as Joan Osborn sang

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Tryin' to make his way home….

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day hug

This is how we go............

“Here I go … being a star again.. Here I go turn that page”
I believe this line is being sung by the big chiefs of all those software companies or slog shops after having made huge money along with the stupendous success charted by their company at the bourses underpinned by the growing markets and flourishing economy. Needless to say they are luxuriating and basking in the glory of the sweat of all those slaves.
Of the very little that I know about management I sense that amongst the 3 Ps it is always people product and price and when this hierarchy reverses what we is these software companies and despite this irrational behavior these companies thrive and flourish. The pill of Vitamin M has been shown to the youth who work in these places and though the dosage does not substantiate the amount of work or the strain that comes along but after all the buck being viewed in the absolute sense seems to be huge. Other than that people are lured towards the desire to be at big apple or the big Ben and so the slogging continues. Most of the times though they may end up with a big egg on their face for having worked with a set of over fatigued souls and delivered an “unviable” solution but the dreams to make it are still alive and kicking. Also the pill of M keeps coming along so it seems “OK”. Then there is the brand associated to the company which it got after sucking all the remaining ounces of blood from people’s body and replacing it with the coffee from the big old stinky machine and helped people develop a paunch 10 yrs down the line after they slogged their asses off by sticking to their seat 24*7 and celebrating their children’s birthday and their anniversary parties with their “team”. The latter case arises if they are tolerant enough to stick along for 10 whole long years. After the sparse promotions and a few odd trips to here and there and a higher dosage of the vitamin they are all set now to throw eggs on the face of the new lot and sing
“I used to lover her but I had to kill her
I had to put her Six feet under and
I can still hear her complain “

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drama- The face of new reality television

What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.

Alfred Hitchcock said this when Indian reality TV was non-existent!!I believe it is turning out to be a paradox with reality TV pumping in more drama than reality. Well I still don’t get the concept of reality television and do not know how it actually started but I know for sure that every 3 show that we have today other than the sans bahu sagas are these game shows and reality shows. Some are like old wine in a new bottle and quite a few others seem to be authentic to our desi channels. Well aping is not something very new to us so we have had our own version of songs like Macarena and shows like FearFactor, KBC and Indian Idol. We also have others like the new show called Heartbeat that I got around to watching tonight So we had an anxious hyper n extremely tensed cricket player playing for some x lakh rupees with all the help under the sun available to him including our dear own googlva. But seems this man is so scared as if he is been thrown to the edge of the cliff to die or something After the entire ordeal of questions is over this respectable gentleman cries on national television after winning the money. I do not remember how many times he thanked Jesus and yes forced a friend to say some lines (I do not know out of where) before locking in the final answer and to top it all in a very Miss India still did not forget to thank his friends and family and cat n dog n blah n blah (as if the cry was not enough!!!) So here we have action, drama, emotion and yes the baap of all -booming TRP’s!! So whether u wail, dance or get bored to death it seems all about drama and nothing about reality!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Food for thought ????

Treading the line between being a donkey and a man

Lost Identity !

I could very much regard myself being oblivious to a lot of people at my workplace. One reason being that I am like any other in the bunch of ASE-Trainees who work for this place and the other being the fact that I have not really done anything so very substantial that people would begin to know me. Having fought with quite a few people in the top brass I do expect them to know me though for all the wrong reasons. But other than them I would very much expect a whole bunch of people to recognize me even when I am in the groggiest and foggiest of states. This lot includes my parents, close friends and some relatively unknown people like the company guard. Having witnessed people going home after working for 12 hrs or more at times I guess he always has the last laugh. But surprisingly enough these days he asks for our identity card. For months together this very guy has witnessed us walk in and out at the oddest hours of the office so I always wonder what is the point of asking an identity when u know who I am .Now it may be that he suffers from some form of memory loss or his memory gets erased every morning or well maybe one of those mundane company polices which never make sense. It would not have been so much of a pain if I did not have to walk around with a big blue band around my neck all the time. Then there would be those prospective credit card sellers coming in the afternoon if u forgot to remove the card while heading to the nearest chaiwala and more than that it would make the whole word know how proud u are working for this place. Well anyways since I always fall into the class of people who flout rules here I receive an official mail which almost threatens me to wear my I-card and again a reminder of the fact that I would be causing myself an embarrassment in the morning if I am not doing the same. Wish I could be turned back home by the guard saying--"Madam hum to jaante nahi aap kaun hain " I wish my identity would get lost in his memory forever and I would never have to report to work again.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now u can shout...

Well my blog has a shoutbox for all the junta to voice their opnions... So keep shouting !!!!!