Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is how we go............

“Here I go … being a star again.. Here I go turn that page”
I believe this line is being sung by the big chiefs of all those software companies or slog shops after having made huge money along with the stupendous success charted by their company at the bourses underpinned by the growing markets and flourishing economy. Needless to say they are luxuriating and basking in the glory of the sweat of all those slaves.
Of the very little that I know about management I sense that amongst the 3 Ps it is always people product and price and when this hierarchy reverses what we is these software companies and despite this irrational behavior these companies thrive and flourish. The pill of Vitamin M has been shown to the youth who work in these places and though the dosage does not substantiate the amount of work or the strain that comes along but after all the buck being viewed in the absolute sense seems to be huge. Other than that people are lured towards the desire to be at big apple or the big Ben and so the slogging continues. Most of the times though they may end up with a big egg on their face for having worked with a set of over fatigued souls and delivered an “unviable” solution but the dreams to make it are still alive and kicking. Also the pill of M keeps coming along so it seems “OK”. Then there is the brand associated to the company which it got after sucking all the remaining ounces of blood from people’s body and replacing it with the coffee from the big old stinky machine and helped people develop a paunch 10 yrs down the line after they slogged their asses off by sticking to their seat 24*7 and celebrating their children’s birthday and their anniversary parties with their “team”. The latter case arises if they are tolerant enough to stick along for 10 whole long years. After the sparse promotions and a few odd trips to here and there and a higher dosage of the vitamin they are all set now to throw eggs on the face of the new lot and sing
“I used to lover her but I had to kill her
I had to put her Six feet under and
I can still hear her complain “


Blogger asset_backed_security said...

:) :)
quite a rant there... lol
let me guess... do you work for any of the Big 3 Indian software Cos? (Not that I have anything against them)
~Quite an interesting blog you got there...


11:15 AM  
Blogger Q said...

i read this quite a few number of times and over quite a few number of days..still cant figure out if its a rant or a crib ;)

though i'd like to clarify that this big chief has to work really hard ;)

2:01 PM  
Blogger Q said...

forgive my leaky memory (& lazy searching bones ;))..but u working where ?

5:12 AM  
Blogger Srikanth.M.S said...

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9:01 AM  

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