Monday, March 27, 2006

Perfect Sunday !

I think I always blame myself for having a lousy week-ends but this one was different.After many mundane week-ends I had an almost prefect one yesterday. I did loads of things in one day and this is what a lazy n relaxing week-end can get close to.I went to the British Library which is a perfect get-away from all places particularly my office(the proximity being one of the biggest bonuses) n then visited Crossword after months together. It is another place I like to be when I get into the mood of blowing off money or investing should I say. But before this I ate pakodas for lunch and above n beyond all dollops of rich chocolate ice-cream. It couldn't have been better. The Sunday got even better with a nice movie and chit chatting with friends and not to forget pastries. Listening to Metallica after days together and then chit chatting again on gtalk..A stark re-realization of the fact that I can be a very big chatterbox . Eating bundi raita and watching 'Desperate Housewives' . It doesn't get any better. The best bit being an 11:30 call and half an hour of simmering hot gossip right from the tawa or should I say a good friend . If my week-end was like an ice-cream this gossip was chocolate syrup for sure. A little reading and lot of sleeping. It was indeed a perfect Sunday !!!!


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