Monday, March 27, 2006

Everything has a reason...

I have always pondered about this pithy and wondered whether there was anything more to it than a sheer dash of optimism. I always believe misery exists in the form of vicious circles and breaking out of it seems the most formidable task at hand. Despair and agony seem to be just rings clung around to a never ending chain.But when things which make one happy begin to turn up it is almost seems like the first downpour of the season. There is freshness and exuberance associated to it. It is like experiencing the pleasure and exhilaration of running on the empty roads in the rains and nothing at one's end but the intoxicating fragrance of the rain soaked earth.The relief felt is like that given by the first droplets to the earth parched by the scorching heat hanging in there just to quench it thirst. This happiness I guess is also accompanied by a stark realization of the fact that those incidents of the past maybe were just to teach one something new This is when all the pain that one goes through begins to make sense . Burning one's hand seems painful but maybe the best lessons are learnt like this.There is some positive facet to every event and trying to see the pros of everything gives the realization of how it does good. So apart from imbuing more optimism it also gives a sense of objectivity to look at every situation. The happiness washes away the misery of pain and gives the courage to face more hence as one finds reasons to celebrate when one is happy I think just believing that 'everything has a reason' gives more hope to just hang in there and wait for a fresh spell !


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