Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The revelry stretches way beyond 9 nites...

I just realized that in my stay in this city for eons now...for the past five yrs i have not gone out to play garba during navratri. It is a festival associated with fun, color,latest trends n most of an all an exuberant spirit. Tonite i broke the spell on my own n visited one of the garba grnds in the city. Being the last nite of festivities this year the verve and the excitement of the crowd was at its peak.
As I managed to get passes on the last moment i was fortunate enough to find myself a place amongst the crowd. Maybe the only female in a non-traditional costume I think i stood out in the group more because of my 2 left feet than the casual attire i had worn.The ease with which ppl lift their hands n legs n and not to forget the synchronization involved is what astonishes me more than anything else. For me the obj of going was simply confined to breaking out of the mundane schedule . I come back with a running nose a scratchy throat n realization of the fact that i have forgotten even the lil bit garba that i knew but i have no regrets abt this one!! Moreover after having sleep walked thru another "soporific" session of IQMS, all this felt like a gr8 relief!Well off late i have been accused by some very close friends of holding myself back when it comes to enjoying n this is a perfect ans to all their allegations.So all i say is "The spirit is alive n so am I."


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