Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Those little angels

When the patches seem rough
and the days do not go by
when the mundaness of life takes u by
when u question your existence
and the belief in your own self
those little angels come by and render help.

To allay your fears and bring a smile to your face
and to remind you that life is one whole big race
that all is not lost with a fight not won
cause there are bigger battles that await your turn
when hope is non-existent and your soul feels despair
those little angels come by and share.

To listen patiently to every word u say
to drive all your uncertainties away
to wipe the tears off your face
and try to provide u all the solace
to help u attain all the inner strength
those little angels show a path with rays that lambent.

To give a hand when u need it the most
and help u attain glories about which u can boast
to help reaffirm all your faith
and get rid of anger and all the hate
to make u believe that u are not vain
god sends the little angels to save u from pain.


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