Friday, June 03, 2005

First drizzle in the city

As clapton fills my ears with the music i have not heard for some time now (and i definitely seem to enjoy it )i take a recap of the last few hrs of my has been quite some yrs since i stopped being stubborn abt getting drenched in the rain. it is maybe one of those very odd pleasures (or atleast i believe it to be one ) which i have been to taught to abstain was one of those very odd days when i was reminded of my childhood days of being stubborn to go out and play in the rain..and more than the rain it was the aroma of the sand with tiny droplets of water seeming to satiate evry little soul and the dusky sky , and the cool wind blowing past my face.... as the tiny drops of water stimulated every sensibility of mine( though it felt like piercing needles ,it still made me feel good for reasons unknown to me ), i experienced the exhilaration of existence.... as i drove down my machine back home and sang "father's eyes" on the way, i enjoyed the pleasure of being.. it is hard to think of 2 many things which make u feel alive and a part of a bigger something.. this has been one of the very feelings which i have longed for experiencing (atleast in sometime now..)... and who said an adventure sport was always necessary to get u ticking.... it was one of the days when i experienced the joy of existence as it drove the mundaness of evrday far away and made me feel happy for no big reason...


Blogger krishna iyengar said...

you almost make me wish that i was also getting drenched in the rain.

9:39 AM  

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