Friday, June 03, 2005

Kissa kursi ka

As i was conversing with a few ppl arnd in the office i had the urge to put this story down on paper..well the story goes somethin like this.... actually i am thinkin of so many things at this point of time that i feel my representation may be a little botched up but as the sayin goes-"somethin is better than nothing" so a story i guess is better than none!!
well this is one of the very days when i am feeling low. blues!! as one fondly calls them is a very regular phenomena(feeling?) infact a part and parcel of the industry i am i have sort of become immune to it. but thank heavens today is not one of those very bad days (or regular shud i say!!). though i am not beaming with joy i am not feelin the blues 2 !so the low here signifies sitting on one of the very low chairs of the office which almost gives u a feelin like that of a baby monkey tryin to climb a tree but the only diff is that i like to call myself a human being(amateur programmer) and i am only strugglin hard to sit in a comfortable position to code instead of climb for fun!!
well the company i work in is a cmm-level 5 company!! now that makes me wonder abt these standards!! hope it is not 20 ppl trying to accomadate themselves in 5chairs.. so u end up playin the musical chair all thetime!! t alk abt entertainment as a part of work! u will never have to use the slogan-"all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!" so chair or no chair.. excitment is guaranteed as a part of the standards even though working conditions may not be!till i was a part of this place i always thought gold/silver is precious but it just so happens that the chair seems to be take its place here!a minute off ur chair and u find urself place less and in the given situation u might be giving 2nd thoughts abt going to the loo :-) but if ur neighbour is cooperative he/she might as well offer to guard ur chair!! talk abt policing being ominipresent.... and this is one of the very situations. since i have spoken abt entertainment and policing there are more funny stories..u have ppl putting their names on chairs( with plastic sticker 2) so that the "criminal" may get caught asap.. but think abt this when the security guard(the actual guy responsibe for policing!!) takes the chair and ships it off to another wing.. u have females shouting in fury and then u forget whether it is an organization or a fish market..well so the sticker putting may not sound that bad if u are the victim of that situation!! and yes in many govt offices (relatives tell me) ppl used to tie their chairs to prevent them frm being "stolen".. :-)
this always reminds of coll. the chairs and the tables are nailed together so no one can seperate them!!they are like body and soul but the apathy in the office is that nobody likes to take ur table but yes they would love to grab ur chair!!
so if u thought only politicians were very hung up abt their chairs come to this place, u'll realize the importance of the chair...


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