Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drama- The face of new reality television

What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.

Alfred Hitchcock said this when Indian reality TV was non-existent!!I believe it is turning out to be a paradox with reality TV pumping in more drama than reality. Well I still don’t get the concept of reality television and do not know how it actually started but I know for sure that every 3 show that we have today other than the sans bahu sagas are these game shows and reality shows. Some are like old wine in a new bottle and quite a few others seem to be authentic to our desi channels. Well aping is not something very new to us so we have had our own version of songs like Macarena and shows like FearFactor, KBC and Indian Idol. We also have others like the new show called Heartbeat that I got around to watching tonight So we had an anxious hyper n extremely tensed cricket player playing for some x lakh rupees with all the help under the sun available to him including our dear own googlva. But seems this man is so scared as if he is been thrown to the edge of the cliff to die or something After the entire ordeal of questions is over this respectable gentleman cries on national television after winning the money. I do not remember how many times he thanked Jesus and yes forced a friend to say some lines (I do not know out of where) before locking in the final answer and to top it all in a very Miss India still did not forget to thank his friends and family and cat n dog n blah n blah (as if the cry was not enough!!!) So here we have action, drama, emotion and yes the baap of all -booming TRP’s!! So whether u wail, dance or get bored to death it seems all about drama and nothing about reality!!!


Blogger asset_backed_security said...

reality shows are as stupid as the saas bahu dramas else where... (or shall I say everywhere)
I guess all people have this varying degrees of inborn vicarious tendency.. . they love watching other people go through stuff...


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