Friday, July 28, 2006


The sky is pouring its heart out and the shade is the only respite.. but who cares about being wet. Cigarette fumes fused with vapour of hot tea making one indistinguishable from the other. Reticence peaks as another day at college ends. A paratha here and an omlette there and we can see all that is there on one's plate but who knows what is on the other's mind . Too many thoughts clogging the brain one amongst them probably being where one is heading to. Good old mirchi's tunes sound distant as the rustle of the leaves and pitter-patter of the rain takes foreground .NO gyan and no global...Realization of a sense of serenity amidst all the chaos and a hope for more moments like this....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

StingSoc at work........

Welcome to the club ….

We are not looking at any numbers here and everyone from the junior batch gets a PPO from this society.

Ulterior Objectives

Speculating, gossiping and generally bitching.

Criteria for entry

No special skill set except the initiative drive and enthusiasm of a sting reporter and the will to speculate.
Need to have an orkut account with the “hot” and “happening” crowd in your friend’s list with orkutting being your major pass time.
Need to have elephant ears for eve’s dropping and a camera phone is more than welcome.

New Activities


Modus Operandi

Checking out scraps of junior-senior junta and the conversations they have and not to forget speculating about the same all day long.
Taking snaps of the oh so precious moments which include people napping, smoking, drinking and doing anything conventionally unpopular.
Keeping your ears wide open especially in the loo.


Your oomph quotient would beat the bulls of the sensex and popularity would rocket sky high.

So if you think u fit the slot, rush in your applications now to

(P.S Thanks to Ankushfor the name StingSoc)