Monday, June 29, 2009

When a banker jokes

While driving to one of the client meetings with my boss amidst hills and perfect weather I start pondering about all that I have been reading/wanting to read in the last few days. I suddenly realized that most of the fiction I read in the past was by Indian writers. Since the multi - capabilities of my boss (who btw is German) fail to surprise me anymore I ask him if he has read any Indian fiction. I hope to get a serious reply especially after he suggested to me last week that I should also try to read a little bit of history as it can be very interesting.

Suddenly he gives me an affirmative look ( I am still calculating in my head who would these authors be) and with a straight face says "RBI circulars, Analyst Reports...." and I burst out into peels of laughter. " Priyanka, you asked me for fiction and I am giving you fiction.. all by Indian authors !! "

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