Friday, May 09, 2008

Comfortably Numb

Recently I had the opportunity of reading Saucerful of Secrets which is Schaffner's account of the Pink Floyd odyssey and being a Floyd fan I completely relished the book. There is this one statement which lingered around in my head and I felt like I completely related to it so couldn't help but it post it here..

" Yes it does feel wonderful for a month or something and then you begin to start coping with [the realization] that it's not going to make any difference really to how you feel about anything and - it doesn't work. It doesn't mean changes. If you're happy person you were before and you will be afterwards- and if you're not, you weren't before and you won't be afterwards. And that kind of thing doesn't make a blind bit difference to how you feel about anything. But even though you know that, it still takes you a long time to assimilate it. " - Roger Waters post Dark side of the Moon.



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