Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buttermilk at a bar!!!

Today was historical of sorts because I have never visited a bar in my life and here I was visiting the shadiest bars in the city. The only equally dingy place that I have ever been to is probably the railway platform but heck such bars contribute to huge volumes for the company so who cares how it is. Something by the name of Arun Bar if I am not mistaken, a nondescript place in the midst of South Bangalore. I walk in tying not to stare at the people yet absorb everything possible about the place. The ASM thinks we need to have visibility at such a place so I am a part of a discussion where in I don’t comprehend anything because it is in Kannada but still try to gather bits and pieces. The discussion progresses and I am offered a glass of buttermilk in a glass of 8 pm and as I stare at my drink ;-) I wonder whether things could be more ironical. As I ponder about the cleanliness of the glass yet start having the buttermilk, I realize probably the tastiest buttermilk I ever had .So while people ask me what I drank during my first field visit, pat comes my reply… BUTTERMILK !!!


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