Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And who says its child’s play??

“Oh How should I pick up the axe and hey how can I beat him with this chair no wait I want to climb up the cell and push him down” No worries these were not the mega efforts of a wife trying to beat up her husband ;-) but my efforts to use the play station. As my butter fingers moved on the controls I was asking my sister how to play and trying to beat my tiny 12 yr old cousin at a game whose name I don’t even know. I am not into gaming and never really was but it was only one of these days that I realized how oblivious I was about the gen next games. So this time I had this same very tiny cousin of mine educating me about x-boxes and play stations and gameboys and more. From all the newer versions of games available in the market to their costs and the expansions pack and not to forget the compatibility with the graphics card and ram etc, I sat dazzled at his profound knowledge. May be that was way too much market research that I expected outta him.
Well we often on hear about the advent of technology but I never really realized how far ahead games have moved. I remember when I was 12 video games were very popular and almost everyone kid wanted to have them. Now a computer has found its place in every household so we have progressed from the accessories which were hooked to the television sets to the ones hooked to the computer. It is the age of network gaming now. But I am still inept at playing all these games and as I struggle to play Prince of Persia till date I feel smug at having learnt to play the brick game at least!!!


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