Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I came across this word for the first time while reading a friends blog and it means “Space sought for occupation by a nation whose population is expanding” But the space I refer to is that on the web which takes absolutely no investment and so we are exploiting it to the fullest. The fattest chunk of this space I believe is being occupied by blogs. I suddenly realized today that the no of my friends who blog has risen to mammoth proportions and in a blink of a second (no references to the book attached) I can think of 5 friends who blog pretty regularly. Some of them even have 2 blogs!!!. So we have budding poets to the philosophically and spiritually inclined to the ramblers like me expressing their opinions about anything and everything under the sun. Unlike the extremely profound blogs which talk about Indian economics to changing business scenarios or tech stuff these relate to the simple incidents of our day to day lives, ideas opinions and beliefs. They express everything from our reveries to questions whose answers we seek. Even though some of my other friends complain about blogging of this kind being a shear waste of time I believe blogs work like threads constricting pearls. We somewhere down the line become a part of the lives of those people whose blogs we regularly read and post comments about. It is a sense of belongingness and interconnectedness. So as the unplumbed souls kvetch the fondness for blogging grows and so does the community!


Blogger Q said...

its also a movie btw.. ;) the one which i saw in the wake of Ministry of I & B's night broadcast rules ;) ;)

1:09 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

@Q chalo acha hai poor innocent pri ko pata chal gaya ;-)

1:12 AM  

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