Sunday, April 08, 2007

Some old.. Some new....

With Yellow Ledbetter crooning in my ears, a fine reading light alleviating the darkness of the room, and my data card playing games, the atmosphere seems perfect to pen something down. It has been some days since I wrote something and though there was a constant urge to write, I could just not gather around ideas to put something down. A friend of mine tells me that ideas are those little bubbles which keep floating around and we need to chase them before they die, so after a gap of more than 6 months I decide to hunt a few of the bubbles down.

After the battering from ten days of trauma named examinations, I recoup by crashing and then rejuvenating myself with some new music. Good music I believe can stir your soul so I reserve this post for the songs I heard for the first time in the last few days and they hogged the limelight on my playlist.

Alive: - Tops my list of picks and one song I wouldn’t mind waking up to and listening to again and again any time of the day. Pleasurable strumming and Pearl Jam gets all brownie points for this one.

Silence and I: - Something that made me recollect all the times that I wanted to be left to let my silences converse with me. Orchestration being the highlights, one song which strangely reminds me of Mozart.

Vienna: - Billy Joel at his regular best and something one can relate to so may times. Soft slow and as mellifluous as it could get.

While the oldies by GnR, Floyd and Clapton envy the new entrants, I look forward to more numbers to give these new ones some competition.....


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