Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Post Independence Day..

Now the sudden desire to post something on the blog arose as a friend of mine commented about me not posting regularly. I believe nothing more ironic than the fact that I stopped posting on my blog after the 15 Aug. All the freedom just lasted till the Independence Day, post which I am back to an era where I don’t think or at least so I believe. (Don’t ask me the difference between think, believe and perceive because even after 2 classes of HR I have really not understood the difference) I suddenly feel that I have lost the urge to write. Probably there is a lot to write about yet nothing worth mentioning. What is there to write about running in a rat race where I don’t know where I am heading so long as I am in the race? I am not sure whether I have an aim in my mind but I know that a lot of people are running and I gotta run too lest I be left behind. Mindlessly chasing a task after the other I guess I have become comfortably numb. And as far as freedom goes, who kis khet ki muli hai bhai ??


Blogger Q said...

danke for posting ;) but something substantial was in order..back with a whimper, as they say ;)

8:38 AM  

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