Thursday, April 17, 2008

Private celebrities

It has been long that I posted something but now that the entire b school jing bang is done I have had sometime to get back to be doing my regular rambling :P The idea to write this post comes from a TV show. It just so happened that in all this spare time I was randomly channel surfing and came to a halt when there was some discussion happening about the pros and cons of social networking. It got me thinking about the time when I first logged in on Orkut. It was more than 4 years back and I remember being sent an invite only to realize that none of my friends knew about the concept except the one who sent me the invite!!! I wondered then as to where the social aspect comes from. Well the sho sha grew and now almost everyone I know has a profile on this forum. I even bumped into friends from class 2 who were not in touch all this while.

So the idea that lingered along after this 10 min thingie that I watched on television was not about the pros and cons but the changes these sites have witnessed. It seems as if there has been a sudden desire to express oneself to the world at large or probably the desire was present but it has just been given a platform. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a classmate gets bumps when his female friend changes her relationship status or the fact that the people upload the party pics from the previous nite. The desire to tell the world at large...

I logged into Orkut today only to realize that one can add applications and we know who is aping facebook. One of the conclusions that I came to was the fact that these platforms probably try to make a celebrity out of all of us which we probably already crave to be and that is why the popularity apart from the obvious networking aspect. So everything from what I read, listen to and how I party is all up there for everyone to witness. How I wish I learnt OB a little better I could have sure come up with some theory to back that up. So while I try to reproach all this innovation and demean the cow and sheep throwing, I am still pondering about Rajat Kapur’s question: Where does this all lead to?



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