Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It is a new semester and a new time so I do pay fair amount of attention to what goes on in classes these days. I remember doing a case study in the first strategy class on Madonna who wanted to be a diva and everything in her life was to help her get closer to that one overarching goal- being a DIVA. And then the professor asked.. “What is your goal in life??? “ To my dismay I realized I had none.

I remember having pondered about this many a times earlier as well. What is it that I really want to do?? It is about a purpose in life. Being in a B school this is equated to probably a good placement but what it is after a placement is the question. A big job, a family, children, professional accomplishment.. Doesnt it have to lead to something bigger ??? The placement is the means but where is the end? And if there are means but no end where is the strategy coz like the prof says.. Strategy is all about means and ends!!!

It is like being everyone else. The job gets us money to survive and raise our families. Some earn more and some earn less. But then what is the purpose of my existence? As I try to think harder and seek answers to my questions.. I hope the quest ends somewhere…..


Blogger Gandalf said...

Nirvana :D
That should be your goal !!

4:47 PM  
Blogger Satyajit said...

Just a thought...

Do we really need to worry about the destination ? Wouldn't it be simpler if we will just enjoy our journey?

4:27 AM  

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