Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lost Forever ???

I thought about writing this post after having read one hundred years of solitude considered to be the master piece for which Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the noble prize too but I have never been able to comprehend what the fuss is all about!!! Anyways after having picked up the book and read a few pages I came across things like gypsies flying in carpets and children being born with a pig tail(in the story) which left me bemused. I felt I could just not fathom something of this order but then the very next moment my memories drifted away to my childhood favourite Enid Blyton series. I suddenly remembered how I cherished reading about the candy lands and the toy trains made of chocolate. I fondly recollected all the times when I used to sit with these books under the dining table coz I enjoyed the coziness of such nooks and corners of the house. As I waddled back to the present I realized how things have changed. Something that I enjoyed even ten years back has become difficult to digest now. As I emerged from a dream like state after reading the novel, a sudden realization of how I lost my dewey eyed self in the process of what we call maturing!!!


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