Sunday, August 31, 2008

Man! I feel like a Woman!!!

I was asked by a friend last night during a very casual conversation about what was new in my life and though I was quite eager to explain all the topsy turvy events of last week I couldn’t crib about something which I newly discovered about my own self. I suddenly felt very feminine!! This was after over 2 months of incessant shopping for something or the other and a comment by a friend who I met after almost a year.
Post campus life, I suddenly realize that it has become vital to look prim all the time something that I am so not used to. It is for this reason that I would have loved to be a boy. You walk around with a pair of blue jeans and a black/white T shirt and your done. No one objects even if you don around the same attire to a sat night party and a wedding. KISS works here the best! Unfortunately for the female species things are as diametrical as they could probably get. There is a party dress and a wedding dress and a casual dress and a cocktail dress and the list goes on and on. Separate attire to suit every occasion. No wonder women are always accused of shopping. First you buy the dresses then you buy accessories to match that and sometimes his quest runs over days because the best of a bag or a shoe or a belt would each be available in different markets. Not to forget the ohh so important jewels to match the outfit. Now most females enjoy this experience but with my very first time at all this jing bang I realize it is nothing but exhausting. How I wish it could be as uncomplicated as buying books :(
As I feel remorseful of the situation I also realize that there is no way out of it. It is a tacit rule that females are supposed to be prim and perfect all the time. All the leather matches and the hair are neatly tied and the hands and the legs and the nails are all in perfect shape. Talk about unnerving situations one would face and this definitely goes down as one. As recall my campus days, try to get rid of my sloppy dressing and try to fit into the prim corporate culture groove can’t help but hum Shania Twain’s number over and over again. Man! I suddenly so feel like a Woman!!!
PS. Thanks to a dear friend for encouraging to post more trash in the existing mélange..



Blogger I Learn.... said...

Glad to know this..! :P

11:42 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

How mean ruch :(

1:16 AM  

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