Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan :)

Now this is like the nth time that I decided that I would be a little more regular when it comes to writing/blogging so I start posting on the blog with the hope of not breaking this resolution atleast this time around.
Well this post dedicated to Mumbai because of the fondness that I developed for this city in the last few months that I have been here . During my first week in Mumbai I recall having a conversation with my mentor and a very dear friend about living in Mumbai . I was pretty indifferent to it then and I still recall he said that " this city grows on you " . I can absolutely relate to that feeling now and despite the heat and the stench and the crowd and housing woes it still has its own charm. So here I go ranting about five things that I am going to miss about Mumbai ( in no particular order ) :
1) Sea face !!
2) Hard rock Cafe!
3) Safety of being able to travel in a cab alone safely even at 1 in the nite
4) Cutting chai n Aaram vada paav
5) Book shopping in Strand and more so on the street



Blogger I Learn.... said...

You are probably the nth person to have this feeling..! everyone around me who hated mumbai has got a chance to live there and I, the all time fan, am yet to get that chance..! I wish..!
Its the "Mayanagari".!!
And you have hit many of the key notes in the music of city..

11:49 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

Thnx for stopping by and posting a comment :) Never imagined would love the city so much.. Planning to write sth more abt my jaunts there..

1:09 AM  

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