Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Mumbling

I started reading the very popular book “Shantaram” by Gregory Roberts a few days back and couldn’t help but post some quotes from the book . So here I go:
“Love is the opposite of power and that is why we fear it so much ”
“Honesty can be tested and loyalty. But there is no test for love. Love goes on forever once it begins, even if we come to hate the one we love. Love goes on forever because love is born in the part of us that does not die”
“Some truths about yourself are so painful that only shame can help you live with them and some things are just so sad that only your soul can do the crying for you”
“When the wish and the fear are exactly the same, we call the dream a nightmare”
“The real trick in life is to not want anything and succeed at getting it”



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