Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year !

This is my first post of the year and I do not know what is so happy about this year. Recession has hit US and several major economies of the world, stock markets have under gone value erosion and auto companies are the in the process of being bailed out one after the other. Yet we wish each other in the hope that things would get better in the forthcoming year. Markets would bounce back and India would grow and there would be no more terror attacks and so on and so forth. I guess this satiates one of my very dear friend’s query “So what is so happy about this year ? ”. But this time around another friend asked me “What is new about this one?”. I could not really come up with an answer but as I thought about it I realized I had no answer. At the end of the year we would know about how this year was different from the previous one. So it is a mere wish.
Although I am extremely cynical about quite a few things I am an optimist when it comes to this one. So even though my new year’s eve was extremely uneventful I am hopeful of a happy and pleasant 2009. I wrote a post last year on new year’s eve about things I enjoyed on 31Dec. This time around I did nothing but hunt houses, go to work, attend a colleague’s son’s birthday and was so exhausted at the end of the day that dozed off before 12. Since my new year’s eve was mundane this post is dedicated to new year’s resolutions. We make so many of them ever year and as they say resolutions are meant to be broken, we break them too. This year I have decided to write them down so that I know where I am at the end of the next year.

1) Fitness
Have still not gotten around to exercising and getting fitter and though I started Yoga last year and as of now the status quo is that I have not exercised at all in the last few months. Try to reduce my binge for potato wafers and I really really hope I can stick to this one. Coming to think of it I alone could be contributing to a major portion of Lay’s revenues. A healthier life style could so me some good.

2) Trip alone
This has been something that I have always wanted to do for years now so this time around I hope I can go to Shillong and treat myself with the sights and sounds of east India.

3) Sleep less
With the hours that I spend sleeping these days I desperately want to stick to this resolution. Could seriously use the time for a bunch of other things.

I never really even tried making an attempt to do much about the above listed points but there are a bunch of things that I always resolve to do ever year and succeeded to an extent coz I at least make an attempt to take action. So I hope I make more attempts and hope this year is brighter and better than the last one !

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