Monday, August 14, 2006

Jaldi Karo Alvida Ab

Bright fine "Monday" holiday so no blues and after having spent the whole day shopping n eating I decide to go to the most talked about and waited movie of the season.. Things I will always remember about this movie:-

1) How it feels to get bugged by your friends for having chosen the crappiest movie of the season and spent 130 bucks for the same.
2) How it feels to watch another ‘A’ rated movie with an all guys gang! (I still remember ‘Ek khiladi Ek Hasina’ with 9 guys just 2 days before CAT 2005)
3) How it feels to be having amnesia because of having forgotten the first half of the movie after 3.5 hrs of saga.
4) How it feels to sit on the 3 row from the front because of unavailability of tickets despite 14 shows of the same movie running in the theater.
5) How it feels to write a blog about the experience without using a single abuse!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cause is greater than u????

There are many incomprehensible situations that we come across on a frequent basis and then there are some others which seem comprehensible yet do not make sense in the head. Adam Smith had mentioned about the good of every individual in any situation and then Prof John Nash professed saying things work well when it is does individual good as well good to the entire community. Now what if things work well for the collective good but not for the individual good?? If the community benefits on the whole can be it safely presumed that since the individual is a part of the community hence he is being benefited in the process??

I believe I was a part of many such incidents in the past few days which I suppose probably work well for the common good but I am not sure individual good. Subjecting myself to agony because it is for a greater cause and the cause is bigger than me. It is sin to think of devious ways to avert being a part of processes like this. These processes could be inane at least from my perspective but I am not sure whether I can stand forth strongly to refute the purpose of the same. What I cannot seem to digest is the fact that there are people who are probably like me and managing to get their way out without any guilt. I am not sure whether I am not being bold enough to voice my opinions for getting my way through them or simply feeling guilty about escaping from what involves being a part of the “greater good” but who cares when I am still here doing something I am not happy about. It is fine Sunday afternoon and I am cooped up inside this room where the air conditioner is the only respite.

I can now sense the voice of my senior voice saying “SHUT UP” reverberating in my ears so will stop but just one question is echoing in my head, what is to be shut mouth or my mind ???