Monday, August 03, 2009

Money and Self Actualization

I belong to this bunch of 20 something’s who have passed out of premier B and when I say this I don’t feel ashamed to admit that we belong to another species of living beings. We toiled to get into one of these schools and then harboured aspirations to make lots of money (at least that holds true for most of us). After trying to put up with all that we could to get our dream jobs something has changed. A rich investment banker wants to do something “meaningful” with his life. The marketer wants to take his chances of rather being an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur feels lost as he is not a part of the rat race any more. The commercial banker looks forward only to the pay day and wishes something could change sometimes even unable to figure what. It is probably only this lot of people that seems to be so dissatisfied with what they are doing. I wonder what makes us so unhappy anyway?
The drivers I believe in each of these cases is the same of being the desire to earn money and yet derive meaning out of life or rather have the life that we always wanted to with all the money. I can’t think of any occupation that gives not one but both but. I only know that we can move up the Maslow’s hierarchy and the first and the last level are far apart. However I always wish I could have the two together. So it is not money vs meaning but more like money and meaning!! How I wish....

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